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Managed Cloud Hosting

As your needs evolve, so should your IT. Managed cloud hosting fits the bill. But sending your essential applications and data off into cyberspace demands expertise—as well as a leap of faith.


That’s our sweet spot: organizations in need of the technical know-how, bench strength and tenacity to go after a better alternative. Let our team of experts work with you to customize a cloud environment that scales as you scale and comes standard with next-level security.

Why Xtium for Managed Cloud Hosting?

Let us do the heavy lifting

Our highly trained engineers and technicians will quarterback the design, configuration and deployment of a virtual cloud environment tailored to your business, your industry and your specifications.

Once you’ve reached the Xtium cloud, we go on autopilot. Maintaining and securing your applications and data are our concerns. Using them is yours.

So let us worry about hardware refreshes, software upgrades and security patches! And get back to the projects that matter.

Make changes on the fly

Xtium makes it easy to scale up (or down) as your business requirements shift.

Need more storage or power? No problem. With a managed cloud setup, you can quickly grow without purchasing or deploying the resources yourself.

There when you need it

Achieve complete availability and redundancy of your applications and data. Xtium’s bi-coastal data center setup ensures your mission-critical applications and information will always be within reach.

Safe and sound

Xtium cares about security as much as you do. That’s why it’s a top priority at our data centers. Data encryption, whether at rest or in transit, keeps your information safe from human error or malicious attacks.

Pay for what you use—
not a penny more

It’s quick and easy to expand or contract your capacity. So you can be sure you’re only paying for services you need. And our systems help you manage your configuration so it’s always the perfect fit.

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