Managed Cloud Hosting

What if IT infrastructure was one less thing your team had to worry about? 

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Businesses’ IT needs are evolving rapidly, from changing technologies to new regulations and increased security demands. So how do you juggle growing your business and managing your IT infrastructure?

Let Xtium’s managed cloud hosting solution help. We work with you to customize a virtual private cloud that meets your security requirements and scales as your business needs change. Our managed services, coupled with enterprise-class virtualization technologies and top-tier data centers, give your business a secure and reliable cloud hosting solution.


Benefits of Managed Cloud Hosting


Stop juggling hardware refreshes, software upgrades and security patches. Let our remarkable technologists manage them for you. Your environment is supported 24/7/365 by a network operations center and engineering team who are committed to maintaining your applications by managing the infrastructure that they sit on.


The Xtium team provides assistance with the design, configuration and deployment of your virtual private cloud infrastructure. You can focus on your business needs while we focus on delivering the best possible IT environment.

Peace of Mind

Achieve complete availability and redundancy of your applications and data. Xtium’s bi-coastal data center setup ensures your mission-critical applications and information will always be accessible.


Provide a secure, scalable infrastructure to support your growing business. Need more storage or power? With a managed cloud setup, you can quickly grow without buying and implementing the resources yourself.


Security is a top priority at our data centers, and data encryption at rest and in transit keeps your information safe from error or malicious attacks.


Managed Cloud Hosting – the Xtium way

Based on VMware virtualization technology, we customize the cloud to fit your specific business needs with enterprise-class service, giving you full control. Your team will have the ability to run, backup and restore your system completely in your virtual private cloud. Whether you are evaluating platform as a service (PaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) technologies, our architecture gives you the utmost flexibility and control.


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