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Desktop as a Service

It’s time to stop focusing on servers and racks and get back to customers and opportunities.


Maybe the Fortune 1000 can afford to deploy and maintain complex, in-house virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). For most businesses, though, that’s not practical.


So we offer a more flexible and more affordable approach to end-user computing—connecting you to the desktops and applications you want, wherever you want them.

Why Xtium for Desktop as a Service?

(Bring Your Own Device)

Help employees work securely, when and where they choose, and with the freedom of using their preferred device.

Forget about forgetting

No need to worry about packing up tons of files, or traveling without critical data and scrambling to retrieve it before your meeting. Just log in and grab what you need as if you were in the office.

Stop, thief!

Working from a hosted desktop, rather than a local device, means there’s nothing to steal and nothing to lose – so your sensitive data is never at risk.

Why limit yourself?

Remove the limitations of client hardware by moving workloads to the cloud.


Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) by eliminating the need for constant hardware refreshes.

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