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How to build a framework for an effective disaster recovery plan

The pressure is increasing on IT teams to ensure businesses stay open through any circumstances. With the increasing number of technologies available to ensure business continuity – cloud hosting, of course, being a major player – it’s also now more possible than ever to build resilient disaster recovery plans with faster and more granular recovery objectives.

In the wake of hurricanes, tornadoes and other extreme weather, disaster recovery has become a top priority not just for CIOs and CTOs but for CEOs and other business leaders who recognize the critical importance of minimizing downtime. That objective comes with good reason! In a study of U.S. businesses, IDC found that the costs of downtime are far from trivial; the annual cost for even 10 hours of unplanned downtime could be $125,000 for an SMB, scaling up to a potential $17 million in economic impact for an enterprise firm.

IDC costs of downtime

Documenting DR plans in the form of data gathering guides, run books and other system documentation is a cornerstone of business continuity planning. But to put any business in the best readiness posture to weather any disaster – clinical or catastrophic – you must start first with your employees, your most valuable assets.

During our recent webinar, ‘Building a Framework for an Effective Disaster Recovery Plan,’ Xtium’s Jim Garrity walked us through a holistic framework for business continuity planning. It is indeed critical to focus on your people first. Without their knowledge, buy-in and, most importantly, their personal safety, even the most solid DR plan is useless.

Once you’ve ensured your people are both safe and trained, then it’s time to turn to DR processes and technology restoration. What processes will you need to put in place to get systems up and running in the event of a disaster? How do you plan for those processes? How do declaration guidelines work, what are the alert response procedures, and what does the start-to-finish process look like?

Watch a full recording of Xtium and IDC’s webinar, ‘Building a Framework for an Effective Disaster Recovery Plan,’ for answers to these questions and more, including a close look at industry trends and statistics from IDC. Click here to access the full on-demand webinar!

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